Property Installations

Map + Video Tour

S. Wave Farm Study Center
1. Ian Vanek and Jen Kutler's Boomerang
2. Jeff Thompson's Every Radio Station
3. Brian Dewan's WGXC Filmstrip
4. Quintron's Weather Warlock
5. Zach Poff's Pond Station
6. Soundcamp's Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1
7. Max Goldfarb's Mobile 49
8. Patrick Quinn's SURVANT USB Dead Drop
9. Japanther's Remote Audio Outpost
10. Heidi Neilson and Harry Dove-Robinson's Here GOES Radiotelescope

Wave Farm Property Tour (2016/2017) from Wave Farm on Vimeo.

A video tour of the Wave Farm grounds, in Acra, New York, created over three seasons, summer 2016 through winter 2017. This property tour features Music Omi residents participating in Meredith Kooi's Electromagnetic Spectrum as a Feminine Phenomenon workshop, as well as youth participants in Ralph Lewis's Radio Monster Party! workshop, and the WGXC Programmer Picnic. Video by FusionLab.