Radio Cegeste

Sally Ann McIntyre (aka Radio Cegeste) is a Hobart-born, Dunedin-based writer, broadcaster, radio and sound artist whose work traces buried sonic narratives through the labyrinths of archives, focuses on the gaps and silences in soundscapes, and the disorder within the ordering systems of collecting practices, amplifying the noise that attends the signal of transmitted historical knowledge.

Radio Cegeste is McIntyre's transmission art project, an open framework for a series of experiments in radiophonic locality, which operate as the irregular programming of a nomadic micro-radio station. radio cegeste's programmes are created as site-responsive events for particular situations and spaces, via the broadcast source of a very simple handmade, low powered Mini-FM transmitter, in conjunction with an array of radio receivers, and function within an expanded concept of radio as an artistic medium and a performance art, drawing on phonographic, documentary, and broadcast-journalistic concepts and traditions, while looking toward the 'expanded instrument' potential of radiophonic materiality.