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WGXC Afternoon Show: Fifth Veil

May 19, 2011: 4pm - 5pm
Tune in to WGXC's afternoon show today at 4:15 p.m., with host Antoine Guerlain and local band Fifth Veil!

"Fifth Veil channels a rugged mysticism. The band creates surprising sonic worlds, deriving metal riffs from the rhythms of Turkish folk music, abstracting tight-knit vocal harmonies from medieval church choirs, and post-rock sounds. The luminous voice of lead singer John Boggs is a lantern - follow it as a guide through dark wastelands, narrow canyons, and snowy mountain ...passes."

"Fifth Veil was formed in Boulder, Colorado and is now based in New York. These locations, and the resulting tension of wilderness vs. metropolis, continually influence the band - Fifth Veil celebrates and yearns for the vast, arid landscapes of the Inter-Mountain West while thriving off of the bottled energy and grit of the urban East Coast Yassou Benedict creates music that is highly composed and tight knit like the grid of a city. Pop, shoegaze, hip hop, and rock - each make their way into their songs, creating unique rhythmic structures anchored by vocal melodies ranging from the soulful to the haunting and ethereal."