New York State Council on the Arts in Partnership with Wave Farm:


FY19 GUIDELINES and DEADLINES will be announced Fall 2018.

LATEST NEWS: 2018 MAAF Artist Grantees Announced!

Application Guidelines

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For individual artists, the New York State Council on the Arts in Partnership with Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF) provides support for the distribution and exhibition of works in all genres of time-based and moving image media, including emergent technology. Grant awards assist artists in making recently completed works available to public audiences, and advance artistic exploration and public engagement in the media arts.

Applications for support are due annually on January 15.

Made possible through a regrant from the NYSCA Electronic Media and Film program, grant awards assist artists in meeting expenses including festival submission fees, distribution and exhibition format duplication and packaging, promotional materials, shipping, publicity, exhibition equipment and supplies, documentation, and artist fees*. Applicants who have questions regarding eligibility are encouraged to contact Wave Farm's Media Arts Grants program (MAG) after reading the guidelines in detail. Artists may request funding support up to a maximum amount of $10,000.

*Individuals may apply for an Artists Fee to compensate for their time; however, Artist Fees may not be more than 15% of the overall Distribution project request.


  • Applicant must demonstrate media art to be the core discipline of the submitted work; in order to be eligible for support, cross or multi-disciplinary work must demonstrate media art to be the primary discipline.
  • Sound artworks are eligible. Electronic music projects are ineligible.
  • Works where the distribution process itself is paramount to production or exhibition, such as performance-based proposals or works that are performative, are not eligible.
  • Requests for previously submitted work, repurposed content, or technical advancements to preexisting content, is not eligible for consideration.
  • Artists must reside in New York State.
  • Funding may not be used for travel expenses outside of New York State.
  • The work proposed for support must have been completed in the calendar year preceding the application deadline.
  • The applicant must have all rights to distribute and exhibit the work as proposed.
  • A sponsoring organization is not required.
  • Works-in-progress (including works in post-production) will not be considered.
  • Students works are ineligible. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for career artists who may have returned to school for postgraduate work.
  • Works produced on contract, commission, promotional basis or to serve a third party interest will not be considered.
    The 2019 Application Deadline Will Be Announced This Fall.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Wave Farm uses Submittable for the MAAF Artists application submission process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully and comprehensively read the information below before submitting an application. Please contact Wave Farm's Media Arts Grants program (MAG) with questions.



  • Applications will be reviewed by Wave Farm staff for completeness and guideline compliance.
  • All eligible applications will then be reviewed by a peer panel comprised of NYS media arts professionals.
  • Review panelists collectively select and recommend grantees.
  • The review panel convenes in February/March, with subsequent recommendations reviewed by Wave Farm and NYSCA EMF in March.
  • All applications will be reviewed in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of the NYSCA Electronic Media and Film program.

    What is the application deadline?
    Applications are submitted electronically through Submittable and must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. January 15.
    May I submit materials offline?
    Unfortunately no. All applications materials must be submitted online.
    When will applicants be notified about funding?
    Award notification will be sent to all applicants in March.
    May I submit more than one application?
    No, only one application may be submitted by an artist/collective.
    Can my application cover more than one work?
    No, an application may consist only of one work, by one artist/collective.
    Does this grant support project that are not yet completely finished?
    No. Eligible works must be completed in the calendar year preceding the annual January 15 deadline.
    Does this grant support expenses related to travel outside of New York State?
    No, it does not. Your distribution/exhibition plan at large can include out of state travel, but you must show other income in your budget that meets this expense.
    Must my distribution/exhibition plan take place inside New York State?
    Gallery and Site-specific proposals must serve New York State audiences. Theatre/Cinema and Online/Broadcast proposals do not have this requirement.
    If I am incurring expenses related to my distribution plan prior to the notification date, and my project receives support, am I able to allocate funds towards those past expenses?
    No. Funding awarded through this Distribution Grant must be used to meet eligible expenses incurred during the Grant Period, which follows notification of support.
    I received a NYSCA IND grant for my project. May I apply for MAAF support?
    Yes. As long as your project was completed in the prior calendar year, you may apply for MAAF support.
    I applied to this grant last year, but did not receive funding. May I apply again?
    If no funding was received, artists may apply for support in the following year; however, the new application must be for a project that meets the previously stated eligibility criteria.
    I received this grant last year. May I apply again?
    Artists who receive MAAF funding should sit one year out before applying as the lead contact on a new application.
    Is there information available about Past Grantees?
    Administered by Wave Farm since 2009, MAAF is pleased to have supported the following artists: Tara Najd Ahmadi, Zoe Beloff, Annie Berman, Jason Bernagozzi, Danielle Beverly, Melis Birder, Natalie Bookchin, Joan Brooker-Marks, Peter Burr, Blake Carrington, Todd Chandler, Jonathan Cohrs, Joe Diebes, David Dixon, Meredith Drum, EcoArtTech, Ian Epps, eteam , Jessica Feldman, Jim Finn, Adam Frelin, Sabisha Friedberg, David Galbraith, Michael Galinsky, Michael Garofalo, Dylan Gauthier, Volker Goetze, Maximilian Goldfarb, Jacqueline Goss, Xin Cassandra Guan, Tamara Gubernat, Michelle Handelman, Claudia Hart, Robin Hessman, Ann Hirsch, Tracie Holder, David Horvitz, Ekene Ijeoma, Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty, Ken Jacobs, Marisa Jahn, Japanther, Sawako Kato, Victoria Keddie, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Eli Keszler, Julia Weist & Nestor Siré, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Hank Linhart, David Linton, Jeanne Liotta, Simon Liu, Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson, Cecilia Lopez, LoVid, Kristin Lucas, Tony Martin, Jillian McDonald, Joseph McKay, John Morton, Erik Moskowitz and Amanda Trager, Heidi Neilson, Daniel Neumann, Tomonari Nishikawa, Elizabeth Orr, Andrea Parkins, Margo Pelletier, Sue C Perlgut, Kris Perry, Lauren Petty, Jennifer Redfearn, Yoruba Richen, Todd Rohal, Marina Rosenfeld, Efraín Rozas, Amie Siegel, Phillip Stearns, Kimi Takesue, Fern Silva, Landon Van Soest, Laura Vitale, Lance Wakeling, Mary Walling Blackburn, Miao Wang, Byron Westbrook, Jeremy Young, Betty Yu, Nick Yulman, and Caveh Zahedi. Please click for more detailed information on funded projects for any of the following years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009.


    Once you have registered with Submittable, you will have access to the online submission form. Application questions include the following:

    Contact First Name
    If this proposal is on behalf of a collective or collaborative team, please provide the First name of the individual serving as the primary contact for this proposal.

    Contact Last Name
    If this proposal is on behalf of a collective or collaborative team, please provide the Last name of the individual serving as the primary contact for this proposal.

    Email Address
    Mailing Address
    Support is limited to media artists who reside in New York State.

    Phone Number
    Artist Name
    If a primary contact is applying on behalf of an artist collective or collaborative team, please enter the artist name here. Otherwise, please reenter the applicant name in this field.

    Artist Statement
    Describe your general artistic practice in a concise narrative statement. Limit: 250 words

    Describe the Work
    We understand that many contemporary artists and artworks are multidisciplinary in nature. MAAF also recognizes that art and technology can take many forms. In order to be eligible to apply to the Media Arts Assistance Fund, you must demonstrate that media art is the primary discipline of the work for which funding is sought.

    Project Title
    Completion Date
    Project must have been completed in between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. This time span is firm; projects that have finishing dates in publicity and review materials in conflict with the date entered here will be considered ineligible. (Date format: mm/dd/yyyy)

    Select a single genre that best describes the work:
    Film/Video Documentary
    Film/Video Experimental
    Film/Video Narrative
    Film/Video Installation
    New Technology Browser-based Work
    New Technology Installation
    Sound Art Installation
    Sound Art Recording

    If applicable (if your work is time-based and linear) please enter the duration of your project. Please you the following format: hh:mm:ss.

    Work Description
    Describe the project for which you are seeking support. Limit: 500 words

    Past Presentations
    List any screenings, broadcasts, exhibitions, presentations, awards, etc. to date for this work.

    Is this work a limited-edition? If yes, what is the edition size?

    Existing Copies
    Detail the number of copies (editions) and formats of the work that currently exist.

    Distribution / Exhibition Activities

    Distribution / Exhibition Plan
    Summarize your distribution/exhibition plan, including those specific needs for which support is requested. This should be a comprehensive description of your plans for the work over the next one to two years. Limit: 500 words

    Distribution Venue(s)/Platform(s)
    Select all that apply, identifying the anticipated distribution venues and/or platforms for the work.
    Online / Mobile
    Broadcast / Transmission
    CDs, Cassette, Vinyl, Digital Formats, other

    Will your work be self-distributed, or by a third party, distributor/gallery, etc.? If yes, please provide the name of any third party representation.

    Preservation Plan
    Media Art works possess a unique set of challenges in regards to preservation and ensuring future access. Please address your preservation plan. Limit: 250 words

    Audience Description
    Who is the target audience for the work? Limit: 250 words

    Eligible Expenses
    Please note that MAAF support may only be used to meet the following fundable items. Please check all that apply.
    Festival Submission Fees
    Formats / Duplication / Packaging
    Promotional Materials (Print, Digital, Online)
    NYS travel
    Gallery or Site-specific Installation Equipment / Supplies
    Gallery or Site-specific Installation Documentation
    Artist fee

    Distribution / Exhibition Plan: Expenses
    Using the Eligible Expenses list as a reference above, please list each expense and its corresponding dollar amount. Enter each item on it's own line.

    Distribution / Exhibition Plan: Income
    If your budget expenses exceed the amount you are requesting with this proposal, please enter the details of your anticipated income, other than your request to Wave Farm, here. Enter each item on it's own line.

    Request Amount
    Requests should not exceed the maximum possible award amount of $10,000. Your request should be the sum of your expenses, less the income outlined in detail below.

    Exhibition and Acquisition Fee
    If you will charge for exhibition and or acquisition, indicate the current or proposed rental/exhibition and sale price(s) for the work.

    If your project is awarded significantly less that your requested amount, will you be able to execute a revised distribution/exhibition plan? If yes, briefly describe the scalable components of your plan.

    Work Samples
    In this section you will be asked to supply a brief (no more than five minute) excerpt of your project for panel review. You must also supply access to the complete work. If your project is installation based, you must provide access to all time-based elements of the finished piece.

    Work Sample URL
    Provide a url for one (1) online excerpt of the work not to exceed five minutes in duration. Panelists will use this work sample to evaluate your proposal.

    Work Sample Password
    If a password is required to access your Work Sample, please provide it here.

    Work Sample Notes
    Please provide any special instructions or note relating to your work sample.

    Complete Work URL
    Provide a url for your complete work. If your project is installation based, you must provide access to all time-based elements of the finished piece. Panelists may use this to evaluate your proposal.

    Complete Work Password
    If a password is required to access your Complete Work, please provide it here.

    Supporting Materials
    Please provide the following support materials.
    1) Artist Resume (required)
    2) Additional documentation such as images, diagrams, and/or schematics. (optional)

    File Upload for Supporting Materials *
    Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, jpg, gif, mp3, mp4, m4a, png, wav, mov, eps, ogg.

    The following questions ask for statistics that are reported to New York State. Your answers will not impact your proposal's review at panel.

    Project Descriptors *
    Youth at Risk
    None of the Above

    Number of Individuals Benefitting
    Your answer should reflect the number of potential beneficiaries / audience numbers as described by your distribution/exhibition plan.

    Composition of Audience
    No Single Group
    American Indian / Alaska Native
    Black / African American
    Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
    Hispanic / Latino
    White: not Hispanic


    Questions regarding your application should be directed to Wave Farm's Media Arts Grants program (MAG) Please note that we will respond in as timely a fashion as possible prior to the deadline, however we recommend that you submit all questions well in advance of the application deadline.


    Final Reports are due no later than February 1. Artists who fail to submit their Final Report on time are ineligible for future support.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Wave Farm is now using Submittable for the MAAF submission process, including Final Reporting.