MAAF for Organizations

MAAF Forward Fund

NYSCA Electronic Media/Film in Partnership with Wave Farm

The Media Arts Assistance Forward Fund (MAAF Forward Fund) is addressing the role of technology in the current transition of public engagement, with a focus on technical strategies for regenerative online development. With limited resources, we are looking to help organizations advance remote operations through quick turnaround and flexible support.

Grants will be made in range of $500 - $2,000, with two applications deadlines: July 1, 2020 and October 1, 2020.

Eligibility Notes:

  • Applicant organizations must be 2019 and/or 2020 NYSCA EMF or VAP program grantees, who have not already received FY2020 MAAF Organizational Development support.
  • A limit of one Forward Fund grant will be available to applicants during the 2020 calendar year.

Applications Must Be Submitted Online

Wave Farm uses the online platform Submittable for the MAAF Organization application submission process. Please contact Wave Farm at with questions.


Once you have registered with Submittable, you will have access to the online submission form. The MAAF Forward Fund has been streamlined for applicants in 2020. In addition to basic organization and contact information requested, the application contains two questions:

1. In which of the following Online Engagement categories will you use the funds? (Please check all that apply.)

    Become informed about different platforms and methods
    Plan for and implement online and virtual programming
    New Audience Engagement Design
  • PLATFORMS, such as:
    Live Streaming/Viewing & Listening/Virtual Tours
    Integrate and Manage Promotion and Marketing
    Convening and Social Gathering
    Educational Programs / Distance Learning / Webinars
    Earned Income / Online Ticketing
    Develop Board and Staff Expertise
    Contract Programmers and Developers
  • EQUIPMENT, such as:
    Identify Appropriate Technology for the Need
    Hardware and Software Acquisition
  • CONNECTIVITY, such as:
    Assess Bandwidth Needs (organization and audiences)
    Securing Sufficient Internet Access
    Strategies for Engaging Audiences Without High-speed Internet
    Server / Cloud Storage
    Migration of Organizational Archives to Online Platforms
    Adopt Digital Asset Management System
2. Proposal Summary: Please provide a brief description summarizing your request. (Limit: 250 words)

MAAF is made possible through a regrant from the NYSCA Electronic Media/Film program.