MAAF for Individual Artists

Completion Support

NYSCA Electronic Media/Film in Partnership with Wave Farm

Funds are available to assist artists in the final stages of completing new work in all genres of sound and moving image art, including emergent technology. In addition to a detailed work plan, the successful applicant will demonstrate how this support will lead to future distribution and exhibition for public audiences.

  • Funding Available: details to be announced fall 2020
  • Application Deadline: January 15, 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Notification Date: March
  • Period of Support: 9 months (March - November)
  • Final Report Deadline: December 31

  • Important Completion Support Eligibility Notes:
    • Work must be in its final stages and ready for completion in 2020.
    • Applicants may not apply to MAAF Completion Support in calendar 2020 if they applied to NYSCA IND for the same project in FY20 (application year spring 2019), regardless of whether funding was awarded.
    • Applicants may not apply for MAAF Completion Support and MAAF Distribution/Exhibition Support in the same year.
    • Applicants who receive MAAF Completion Support may apply for MAAF Distribution/Exhibition Support in the following year.
    • IMPORTANT: If you have not already reviewed General Eligibility Notes for MAAF Artists. Please do so here.

    Applications Must Be Submitted Online

    Wave Farm uses the online platform Submittable for the MAAF Artists application submission process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully and comprehensively read the information below as well as on the MAAF for Individual Artists introduction page before submitting an application. Please contact Wave Farm at with questions.

    2021 Application: Available Fall 2020

    Review Process

    • Applications will be reviewed by Wave Farm staff for eligibility, completeness, and guideline compliance.
    • Eligible applications are then reviewed by a peer panel comprised of NYS media arts professionals.
    • The peer review panel convenes in February/March, and funding recommendations are based on panel review ratings.
    • Panel ratings/recommendations are then reviewed by Wave Farm and NYSCA EMF in March for final determination.
    • All applications and proposals will be reviewed in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of the NYSCA Electronic Media/Film program.